If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, you have many questions about your treatment. You will be presented with an overwhelming amount of information while speaking with your doctors. 

Common questions to ask your doctor include: 

  • The types of surgeries you will need (how much breast tissue will be taken? will lymph nodes also be taken?)
  • If you will need chemotherapy or radiation
  • If you are a candidate for breast reconstruction

It is important to have a team of doctors who can help guide you through each stage of your cancer treatment. 


Depending on the type of breast cancer you have, you may work with some or all members of this team.

Not all types of cancer require chemotherapy or radiation.

Surgical Oncologist: a.k.a. your breast cancer surgeon. The surgeon responsible for removing all of your breast cancer. 

Medical Oncologist: The physician who will direct your chemotherapy course.

Radiation Oncologist: The physician who will direct your radiation therapy course.

Plastic Surgeon: The surgeon responsible for reconstructing your breast(s) after the cancer is removed by the surgical oncologist.