Depending on the type of cancer you have and the location of your cancer, your surgeon may recommend an oncoplastic reduction.

An oncoplastic reduction is the combination of a traditional lumpectomy procedure with a standard breast reduction. Both the surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon work together to perform the procedure at the same time.

First, the breast surgeon will perform a lumpectomy and remove the cancer and a small area of tissue around the cancer. Lymph nodes may also be removed if necessary.

After the cancer has been removed, the plastic surgeon will sculpt the remaining tissue to restore a natural appearance to the breast shape. The opposite breast (non-cancer side) may also be reduced during the same procedure so both breasts are symmetric in size and shape.


Research has shown that this approach to treating breast cancer is safe, and the cosmetic satisfaction is often high as breast symmetry is improved. Additionally, patients are often happy that the cancer operation and reconstruction is completed in one operation.

Not all women are candidates for this procedure. This surgery is best for women with large breasts who would have same breast tissue removed as they would with lumpectomy

The length of surgery varies from 3-5 hours. Most patients go home the same day of surgery.

This is not a great operation for all patients. Talk to your surgeon if:

  • you are an active smoker

  • you are an uncontrolled diabetic

  • you have medical conditions which put you at risk for surgery

All surgeries have risks. Talk to your doctor about the risks associated with each procedure